The Kingston - Matabeleland Link

Southwark - Zimbabwe

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The Kingston - Matabeleland Link is headed by the Bishop of Kingston who keeps in frequent contact with the Bishop of Matabeleland. It is run by a volunteer Link Team together with a similar group in Zimbabwe.  

Bishop Cleopas and wife Soneni

Bishop Richard writes:

The Link between the Diocese of Matabeleland and the Kingston Episcopal Area of the Diocese of Southwark has been very beneficial for all concerned. It has been a real privilege for me to learn so much from the faith, hope and love of the Church in Matabeleland in dealing with the many challenges there.

This can be a real inspiration for the Church of England as we deal with our very different challenges. An integral part of being God’s Church is a sense that we are all part of the Body of Christ, and that anything we can do to support one another’s ministries in our different contexts will be of great benefit to the Church’s mission and ministry of sharing and expressing God’s love in a broken world.

Bishop Cleopas and Bishop Richard